Speaker Line Up & Interviews

Day 1 – Wednesday May 15

Restore Your Spirit & Ignite Your Joy

Julie Renee Doering
Master Health Activator & Brain Rejuvenation Expert

Recalibrating Your Mindset for the Now

Anita Govender
Transformational Coach for Women in Transition

Perfecting Divine Love

Scott Werner
Spiritual Intuitive & Energy Healer

Day 2 – Thursday May 16

Discover the Most Powerful Thing You Can Do To Attract Your Soulmate

Marcy Neumann,
Energy Healer & Integrative Intuitive Counselor

The Divine Purpose of Relationships & Soulmates

Geoff Laughton
Relationship Coach

Self-love & Energy Healing

Christy Warnick,
Spiritual, Intuitive & Energy Healer

Day 3 – Friday May 17

Vulnerability is The New Sexy

Allana Pratt
Intimacy Expert

How to Have it All: Exciting Chemistry, Emotional Closeness & Unconditional Love

Luba Evans,
Certified NLP & Master Love Coach

Sacred Sexuality, Self-Love & Divine Connection

Courtney Long
Sacred Sexuality Coach

Day 4 – Saturday May 18

The Power of Emotional Responsiveness, Vulnerability, & EFT To Heal Your Love Life

Maya Diamond
Dating & Relationship Coach

Love Lessons Every Mother Should Teach Her Daughters

Arlene Vasquez Washburn
Certified Matchmaker & Relationship Expert

Day 5 – Sunday May 19

Falling in Love With Your Soulmate at First Sight

Ivana & Joshua Richey
Dating & Relationship Coaches

Transformation to Joy & Living A Fully Empowered Life

Shashi Langham
Energy Healer

Day 6 – Monday May 20

Manifesting Your Best Relationship

Kelsey Roualdes
Activist for Inspired Change

Connect to Your Soul’s Purpose

Kelly Kimberlin,
Certified Life Coach

Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life

Lorii Abela,
Certified Matchmaker

Day 7 – Tuesday May 21

Love Changes the World

Laura Di Franco
Holistic Healer & Physical Therapy

Love Yourself – It’s the Most Important Thing You Can Do

Linda Binns
Energy Coach & Consulting

Radical Self Love is the Key to Mastering the Divine Feminine Energy

Krysia Hepatica
Self-Love Coach & Lightworker

Day 8 – Wednesday May 22

The #1 Way to a Joyous, Juicy Relationship

Cary Valentine
Certified Relationship & Peak Performance Coach

Living a Life of Effortless Happiness

Joyce Buford
Life Transition Coach


Deloris Williams
Executive Director of Divine Connections Magazine

Day 9 – Thursday May 23

Maintaining Spiritual, Mental & Physical Balance

Rev. Dr. Louise Diana
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Life Coach

How to Find, Follow & Fulfill Your Divine Calling

Jory Fisher
Life Purpose Coach

Self Care & Self Love for Moms

Valerie Friedlander
Core Energy & Life Coach

Day 10 – Friday May 24

Love, Lust & Romance in the Wake of #METOO

Veronica Monet
Relationship Coach, Sexologist & Anger Specialist

The Importance of Self Love & Self Care

Portia Lockett
Spiritual Advisor & Inspirational Speaker

Meet Your Host

Hi, I’m Cynthia Isaac, a Certified Personal Growth & Empowerment Coach, Clinical Hypnotist, Certified NLP and EFT Practitioner.

My goal for this summit is to equip, encourage and empower women like you to tap into your greatness, grow through your pain, heal your heartache, and stop accepting dissatisfaction as status quo. I hope you will redefine who you are as you learn to fall in love with yourself, find your soulmate and begin living the life of your dreams!