Luba Evans

How to Have it All: Exciting Chemistry, Emotional Closeness & Unconditional Love

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How To Effectively Process Uncomfortable Emotions

Luba Evans,
Certified NLP & Master Love Coach

Luba Evans was featured in Harvard Business Expert Forum as one of the world's top 5 leading love and dating coaches. Her specialty is helping successful, powerful women win in their dating life the way they are winning in their career, without going on hundreds of dates or settling for an unexciting prospect.

Russian born, Luba has a former corporate career as an international entrepreneur consulting clients like United Nations and CNN. She has helped thousands of women win in love, faster and easier than they ever thought possible.

Luba’s method has helped hundreds of women find the love of their lives no matter their age or shape Learn more about Luba

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Hi, I’m Cynthia Isaac, a Certified Personal Growth & Empowerment Coach, Clinical Hypnotist, Certified NLP and EFT Practitioner.

My goal for this summit is to equip, encourage and empower women like you to tap into your greatness, grow through your pain, heal your heartache, and stop accepting dissatisfaction as status quo. I hope you will redefine who you are as you learn to fall in love with yourself, find your soulmate and begin living the life of your dreams!